• Plan B, a popular Bitcoin price analyst predicts that the asset’s price could reach up to $1 million in 2025.
• He believes that the 4-year cyclical bottom of Bitcoin is behind us and another bull market is starting.
• At a minimum, Plan B expects the asset to rise above $100,000 by 2025.

Plan B’s Prediction for Bitcoin’s High in 2025

Popular Bitcoin price analyst Plan B has outlined a scenario that he predicts could propel Bitcoin’s price up to $1 million in the year 2025. At a minimum, he expects the asset to rise above $100,000 that year – over 300% above its current price.

Returning To The Bull Market

In a video published on Sunday, Plan B emphasized his belief that Bitcoin’s pump in January confirms that the asset’s 4-year cyclical price bottom is now behind us. From here, he forecasts the start of another bull market, estimating Bitcoin between $100,000 and $1 million within 3 years.

Minimum Price Target Estimate

„It will be higher than $100,000,“ he stated. „The stock-to-flow model this prediction is based on is indicating $500,000.“ ADVERTISEMENT The analyst multiplied the latter figure by 2 to arrive at his upper bound $1 million prediction, and divided it by 2 – while dragging it down further for the sake of conservatism – for his lower bound $100,000 target.

Range May Be Considered „Large“ And „Unusable“

While he recognized that the range may be considered „large“ and „unusable,“ he claimed it would be „crazy“ not to mention it since such an increase would represent an incredible growth opportunity for investors who act today before prices really take off.

Maintaining Optimism Despite Crypto Winter

Despite months of bearishness throughout 2018 and 2019 (known as Crypto Winter) which saw prices fall from their 2017 all-time highs near , Plan B maintains optimism about where prices are heading going forward. He also appears confident in his predictions despite recent negative news surrounding Ethereum Classic (ETC), Tether (USDT) and QuadrigaCX exchange debacle – claiming these events have little impact on BTC markets since they’re unrelated directly with bitcoin itself or its blockchain platform